A multi-platform desktop app for finding movies and TV shows.

Downloads (Beta 0.4.3)

Windows (32-64): Leonflix-Installer.exe

Mac (64-bit): LeonflixMac.zip

    Linux (64-bit): Leonflix.AppImage

Screenshot of Leonflix

How does it work?

Leonflix is a search tool for movies and TV shows. It scrapes video/file hosting websites and can find and return the videos hosted on those sites.

Every time a video changes hands, from the host to the Putlocker-esque site that shows it, more ads are added. By the time it gets to the viewer, the content has been "stepped on" so many times that it is nearly unwatchable.

Leonflix's novelty is that it extracts only the desired content that these sites provide, giving it an "acetone wash" that filters out all the adware and pop-ups that have been cut into the product. Therefore, Leonflix will always remain ad-free at no cost.

P.S. Since Leonflix is still in beta, users may experience some bugs. We're actively working to fix those bugs while pushing out new features. You can join our community at r/leonflix to report bugs or make feature suggestions.


Why is it called Leonflix?

Leonflix was named after Leon Gaumont, an inventor, engineer, and film maker.

Does Leonflix host copyrighted videos?

No. Leonflix is a media search tool. It does not host any copyrighted videos on its servers. The maker of Leonflix does not condone the streaming of copyrighted content and intends that this tool be strictly used for searching open license or public domain movies and shows. The maker of Leonflix takes no responsibility for how Leonflix is used, and Leonflix does not remotely track or store any information regarding the browsing/streaming activity of its users.

Leonflix has no control over what media is put up or taken down. It merely scrapes 3rd-party websites that are publicly accessible via any regular web browser. It is the responsibility of the user to avoid any actions that might violate the laws governing his/her locality.

After updating, I get the following error: "The procedure entry point ?open [email protected]@@[email protected] could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Users\******\AppData\Local\Programs\leonflix\Leonflix.exe"

You can fix this by deleting the entire leonflix folder from AppData\Local\Programs and reinstalling.

Where can I find news and info about the development of Leonflix?

You can subscribe to r/leonflix for continued updates on the development progress. It's also a great place to look for answers to any problems you might encounter.

Leonflix can't find sources for ANYTHING! Wtf!!???

If you are in the UK or Australia, or on a work or school network, most likely your ISP is blocking Leonflix from scraping. Try using it with a VPN.

Is there an Android APK available?

As of now Leonflix is a desktop-only app and is not available on Android devices. There are plans to expand to Android one day, however improving the desktop experience is the main priority as of now.

On Mac I get the following message: "Leonflix can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer."

Go into System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General, and click "Run Anyway." Click the lock to make changes if necessary.

On Windows, the app is blocked from running with the message that Windows protected my PC.

Click "More Info," and click the "Run Anyway" button.

On Linux, how do I run the AppImage file?

If you can't double click the AppImage file to run it, it probably doesn't have executable permissions. Right click the AppImage, go to Properties -> Permissions, and set it to be executable. You can also accomplish this in your Terminal:

$ chmod a+x Leonflix.AppImage

And then:

$ ./Leonflix.AppImage